Selected San Francisco Coffeehouses:

North Beach
Caffe Greco, 423 Columbus Avenue, 397-6261
Outdoor seating along Columbus Avenue
Caffe Malvina, 1600 Stockton Street, 391-1290
Great light in an attractive and spacious room
Caffe Roma, 526 Columbus Avenue, 296-7662
They roast the beans right out front
Caffe Trieste, 601 Vallejo Street, 392-6739
It's very bohemian, and the coffee is hard to beat
Mario's Bohemian Cigar Store Cafe, 566 Columbus Avenue, 362-0536
The focaccia bread sandwiches are it
North End Caffe, 1402 Grant Avenue, 956-3350
Sidle up to the back bar for your cup a joe
Savoy Tivoli, 1434 Grant Avenue, 362-7023
Talk about a'd better be ready
Steps of Rome, 348 Columbus Avenue, 397-0435
Eurosex oozes from every inch of the place
Cafe Claude, 7 Claude Lane, 392-3505
It's like being in Paris
Cafe de la Presse, 352 Grant Avenue, 392-2680
A little attitude with your coffee, so French
La Nouvelle Patisserie, San Francisco Centre, 979-0553
These folks can bake...everything's scrumptious
Russian Hill
Art Institute Cafe, 800 Chestnut Street, 749-4567
The view, the food, the art...yes!
Tully's, 2255 Polk Street, 928-7793
A tiny spot but worth the stop
Pacific Heights
Martha & Bros., 2800 California Street, 931-2281
Peet's Coffee & Tea, 3419 California Street, 221-8506
If you want really strong coffee...
Royal Gourmet, 1608 Bush Street, 922-3616
Royal Ground, 2060 Fillmore Street, 567-8822
Royal Ground, 3313 Sacramento,346-7900
Tully's, 2455 Fillmore Street, 929-8808
The window seat is a winner
Starbucks, 2222 Fillmore Street, 673-3171
Cow Hollow
Bepples, 1934 Union Street, 931-6225
Serious pie, goes great with their coffee
Coffee Roastery, 2191 Union Street, 922-9559
La Nouvelle Patisserie, 2184 Union Street, 931-7655
Pastry heaven
Starbucks, 1899 Union Street, 921-4049
Grove Cafe, 2250 Chestnut Street, 474-4843
Wear Gap, it's the Marina
Just Desserts, 3735 Buchanan Street, 922-8675
Peet's Coffee & Tea, 2156 Chestnut Street, 931-8302
A coffee store deluxe
Cafe Babar, 994 Guerrero Street, 282-6789
Cafe Beano, 878 Valencia Street, 285-2728
It's funky in here
Cafe Commons, 3161 Mission Street, 282-2928
A great place to read and relax
Cafe La Boheme, 3318 24th Street, 285-4122
The definitive Mission district coffeehouse
Cafe Que Tal, 1005 Guerrero, 282-8855
Muddy Waters, 521 Valencia Street, 863-8006
Brain Wash Cafe, 1122 Folsom Street, 861-3663
Laundry and coffee...efficient and fun
Cafe Soma, 1601 Howard Street, 861-5012
Well, the music's good...
Caffe Centro, 102 South Park, 882-1500
A sunny gem of a place
South Park Cafe, 108 South Park, 495-7275
French SOMA (FROMA?)
Potrero Hill
Daily Scoop, 1401 18th Street, 824-3975
Coffee with your ice for me
Farley's, 1315 18th Street, 648-1545
This coffeehouse has everything you need
Sally's, 300 DeHaro Street, 626-6006
Double Rainbow, 1724 Haight Street, 668-6690
Big and fun
Horseshoe, 566 Haight Street, 626-8852
Fun with grunge
Jammin' Java, 701 Cole Street, 668-5282
A cool place to be
Kan Zaman, 1793 Haight Street, 751-9656
Arabian nights in the Haight
Just Desserts, 1000 Cole Street, 664-8947
Tasty stuff...the former Tassajara has good karma
Hayes Valley
Mad Magda's, 579 Hayes Street, 864-7654
The patio is just the beginning...
Pendragon, 400 Hayes Street, 552-7017
Upper Market/Castro
Cafe Flore, 2298 Market Street, 621-8579
A scene to be seen
Josie's Cabaret and Juice Joint, 3583 16thStreet, 861-7933
Just Desserts, 248 Church Street, 626-5774
Orbit Room, 1900 Market Street, 252-9525
Watch out for the furniture
Sweet Inspiration, 2239 Market Street, 621-8664
Noe Valley
Diamond Corner Cafe, 751 Diamond Street, 282-9551
Martha & Bros., 3868 24th Street, 641-4433
The neighborhood meets right here
Tully's, 3966 24th Street, 550-7416
The outdoor benches are paradise on a sunny day
Angelina's Caffe, 6000 California Street, 221-7835
Blue Danube, 306 Clement Street, 221-9041
It's comfortable here
Toy Boat, 401 Clement Street, 751-7505
For the kid in all of us
Jammin' Java, 399 Judah Street, 566-5282
Tart to Tart, 641 Irving Street, 753-0643
Last updated May 1999
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