Coffee is more than just a beverage. It's a lifestyle. You really can have fun with coffee. And coffeehouses. That's what we do at Javawalk. Get ready! Best of the Bay

* Javawalk
A coffee walking tour. San Francisco's coffee history and coffeehouse culture along with local history, trivia and assorted tales of the city. Sip a latte and do North Beach like a native.
  • Regular Javawalk mornings are Saturdays and Sundays.
  • Other days and times can be available with advanced notice.
  • Email or call 415-673-9255 for reservations.

A series of pieces on specific coffeehouses in San Francisco. May be expanded to cafes in the greater Bay Area. Perhaps even an occasional piece on the java scene in other U.S. cities. Okay, Paris and Vienna, too, so as to be comprehensive.

Companion pieces on a particular aspect of coffeehouses. Endless possibilities: sweets, light, outdoor seating, decor, ambience, slackers, benches. Follow the cast of characters as they live the cafe life. Will George ever get a date? Does Nancy really have chocolate-covered dreams? Stay tuned!

A listing of San Francisco coffeehouses by neighborhood. What you really need to know as you seek out the ultimate java joint. How to get there? When you feel the need for speed (I mean caffeine), click onto our Javamap.

Send me an e-mail with news and information, even gossip and useless trivia, on your local coffeehouse scene. What happened to you at your fave cafe? Anything that's on your mind.

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