The Javagirl:  Collette Rowland

The Javagirl

Originally from Montana and former State Pantomime Champion, Collette decided to spare the tourist world another painful street mime and instead to actually speak. She started doing Javawalks to spread the word on San Francisco coffee lore, history and the wacky trivia she collected during many years in her beloved adopted city. During those years, hanging out in SF coffeehouses provided a venue for several of Collette's passions - people watching, reading, knitting and, of course, coffee.

Extensive travels have given her an appreciation for good tours. Collette remains grateful to Park Rangers everywhere from Independence Hall to New Orleans and the Grand Tetons; to the trekkers on Mt. Ruapehu, New Zealand; the guide showing the true shroud of Christ housed in Sucre, Bolivia; and the clearly-superior guides of Versailles, for their excellent training-by-example.

Collette is a former personal chef and advertising drone, who ceased preparing daily gourmet meals for her ravenous family of three boys in favor of convenient gourmet takeout, picked up on her way home from Javawalk. Along with her love for food and cooking, she is devoted to her yoga practice, keeps up with book club readings and volunteers as a tutor at her sons' schools.

Life is grand!

Guided coffeehouse tours by the Javagirl herself

Many of the coffeehouse pieces on this site were written by Collette's Java-sistah and food and travel writer, Elaine Sosa Labalme. The work is so fresh and fun, you'll want to hire her, SO DO SO!

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